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Started in 2005, Camp Mabon is a three-day retreat for women who have survived any act of sexual violence

or trauma involving a family member, intimate partner, acquaintance, or stranger. The camp offers a positive, pivotal, transformative outdoor experience, particularly

to survivors with limited resources or few opportunities

to participate in such events.


Campers stay at a Virginia State Park lodge. Activities,

are held in a safe, supportive outdoor environment, and designed to help survivors who wish to face and master their fears, regain confidence in their own body, and experience the healing power of the natural world.


Mabon is the Celtic harvest celebration of the Autumn Equinox, held to honor the change of seasons on the day when light and dark are in balance. Camp Mabon occurs

in September, offering participants gentle opportunities to connect to the natural world, reflect on nature’s beauty,

learn from the natural environment, and experience nature’s healing influences.


Camp Ostara, established in 2017, is a three-day retreat modeled after Camp Mabon for survivors of intimate partner abuse or trauma. It occurs near the Spring Equinox, in March. Both camps welcome women of any race, ethnicity, place of origin, age, faith, sexual orientation, or disability, and protect the confidentiality of each individual.

Interested in Learning More?

To find out more about Camp Mabon or Camp Ostara, please write us at

If you'd like to attend Camp Mabon this fall, 2024 you can apply here 

Google Form HERE

2024 DATES: September 20th-22nd

To contribute financially in support of the camps and participants, use the donate button on the Project Horizon website. Be sure to select “camps” on the drop down menu. You can also send a check care of:

Project Horizon/Camps

120 Varner Lane

Lexington VA 24450

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