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Our Mission

Project Horizon is dedicated to eradicating domestic, sexual, and dating violence through empowerment of survivors, and by being a sanctuary for victims.

Our Values


We believe all people deserve to be safe - safe physically, safe to speak, safe to grow, safe to learn, safe to heal, safe to forgive self and others, and safe to stand where they once could not.



We believe that attitudes and behaviors about violence can be changed through our education in the community and advocacy on behalf of the people we serve.



We are committed to empowering victims of violence by providing support and advocacy for their journey of growth and healing, and providing the necessary tools and resources to help them succeed.



We believe that bringing people to the table from varied backgrounds and experiences is vital to our mission. We seek to have programs and staff that are culturally competent, diverse, equitable and inclusive.



We believe that our best work is accomplished by collaborating with partners on the local, state and national level to increase visibility and support of our programs serving survivors.



We are guided by strong moral principles which promote an environment of trust, accountability, stewardship and transparency among our staff, board and community and the people we serve.

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