Board of Directors


Janice Buruieres

Vice President

Derek Pinkham


Cindy Mullen


Trenya Mason


Laurie Armstrong

Jeff Boobar

Siobhan Deeds

Reginald A. Early

Josh Elrod

Steve Funkhouser

Jared Moon

Elaine Poon

Judy Casteele

Executive Director

Ellen Wheeler

Assistant Director

Gary Wilson

Director, Client Services

Hannah Knight, LSW

Director of Therapeutic Services

Darrell Averill

Facilities Manager

Kaitlyn Kaufman

Operations and Volunteer Coordinator

Darly Panebianco

Latinx Case Manager

Michele Zehr

Creative Counselor

Gloria Fennell

Housing Coordinator

Craig Charley

Residental Services Advocate

Nolan Zunk

Community Outreach Specialist

Marie Averill

Residential Services Coordinator

Corey Smallwood

Resource Manager

Sierra Elrod

Disability Services Coordinator

Adam Schultz

Spiritual Counselor

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