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Rain, the Trauma Detection Specialist

Our Assistant Director, Ellen Wheeler, works as a handler for Rain, a trauma detection facility dog for Project Horizon. Ellen and Rain train and work together to provide care to clients in court, at forensic exams,and more. Scroll to learn more about Rain and her work!

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Rain's Credentials 

For the first 2 years of her life, Rain lived and trained with Mutts with a Mission, an organization that helps connect dogs with handlers and facilities so that each dog is placed with a compatible person or organization. 

In April of 2023, our Assistant Director attended a 2 week transition camp to connect with Rain and train to be her handler. Rain and Ellen are fully certified through the ADI, which means that Rain is a fully trained service dog. 

What can Rain do?

Thanks to her extensive training, Rain is able to go anywhere except for a sterile surgical environment; this means that she can come into a courtroom, an exam room, or to police departments/sheriff's offices to accompany clients.

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Rain in the Community

In addition to the support she provides to clients, Rain can also be seen out at some of our community events! You may be able to catch her with our Assistant Director at festivals and events throughout the year

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